About Us


     Top RJ's Animal Rescue and Rehab has served the Jones County community since 2009, officially becoming a non-profit in 2014. Also known as the Jones County Animal Sanctuary, Top RJ's provides a critical service to the community through response and care to animal crimes cases and animals in distress. We are known to take in animals that have little, to no, chance of surviving without intervention.


     While dogs are our primary focus, we also work with cats and have a history of helping snakes, lizards, horses, and many other animals. We specialize in the rehabilitation and rehoming of animals that have been severely abused, neglected, or injured. Outside of animal crimes and distressed animals, we will field requests for support and provide assistance when able.


     All animals that come to us are checked by a veterinarian, either on scene or before they get to us. We provide continuous follow-on care under the guidance of veterinarians and will provide direct medical care as needed, no matter the circumstances.


     While other rescues will pull animals from county shelters, we do not have the facilities or resources to provide that function - numerous other rescue organizations provide this support and we applaud them for their care and actions in this endeavor. The ones that we have brought in to our care were already on a "kill-list", waiting for their owner to decide if today was their day, through abuse and neglect

    Funding: Our primary source of funding is from donations, as we are not a tax-funded effort. We rely heavily on our community and loving donors to help us continue our efforts to provide for animal welfare in our rural community.

    Education: Along with rehabilitating animals in need and attempting to place them in homes, Top RJ's seeks to educate the community towards better animal welfare, by providing informative resources and references. They also provide information and assistance, as able, to individuals working Trap / Neuter / Release programs in the county.

     Top RJ's ARR (also known as Jones County Animal Sanctuary) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, volunteer and donation driven organization.